Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sure Loc Leathal Weapon Max 150 Archery Sights Review

The SURE-LOC® QC™ MAX sight gives you the simplicity of a direct mount hunting sight with the ability to quickly change pin configurations. Some trusted SURE-LOC® features include: titanium guide rod, deadly accurate .0015" micro adjustments on windage, dual track fiber optic pins for close pin gaps, and tough long fibers. The QC™ MAX is available in Model 150 (1.5") with 4 pins and Model 200 (2") with 5 pins in anodized black.

This is the only archery sight that is on my bow and I love it. It features fully adjustable sight distances and allows accuracy out to 100+ yards in target shooting situations. This adjustable archery sight is definetly the best one on the market today and it provides all the features of micro adjustment necessary for accuracy. Anyone looking for a great durable sight needs to look to Sure-Loc for this sight. It has 5 pins which allows fixed pin accuracy out to 60 yards and then it slides for accuracy out to 100+ depending upon bow speed, arrow weight, ect. This Sure Lock site also feature very bright fiber optic pins to make you shot easy. If you want a great sight and are not afraid to spend a little coin this is the perfect sight for you.

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